Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Black Rock City Vacation 2010

<a href="" title="Satellite photo of BM taken on the 2nd by the good people at ... on Twitpic"><img src="" width="150" height="150" alt="Satellite photo of BM taken on the 2nd by the good people at ... on Twitpic"></a>

Preparations: the warm and fuzzy pink hole...

Note: anything marked with an X I have already, and anything not marked with an X I am getting out of the basement, so if you see something not on the list be sure to get it for me.
  1. X tickets
  2. X ADA car pass
  3. X early arrival passes
  4. X 1 (one) ply toilet tissue
  5. X 27 August arrival barcodes
  6. X 16' box van
  7. X 4 tents
  8. X rope
  9. X parachute
  10. X rope
  11. X tie downs and balls
  12. X campph garbage bags
  13. X campph garbage buckets
  14. X campph ez piker-uppers
  15. X campph shower(s)  *1
  16. Dr Bronner's Lavender
  17. X campph cookstove  *2
  18. X propane w/adaptor connector
  19. X campph a chill @ spot  *3
  20. X water pressure tank
  21. X campph water cooler, heater, fridge for 1/2 1/2 and honey *4
  22. X campph water bottles
  23. X campph flags
  24. X campph flag pole
  25. X coolers
  26. X thermal coolerwraps  *5
  27. X hammock
  28. X air mattresses
  29. X solar generator
  30. X converter
  31. X hose
  32. X extension cords
  33. clothes
  34. kitchen *6
  35. medical
  36. X electrolyte powder
  37. X vinegar
  38. rags, wipes & towels
  39. X tape
  40. X coffee jute bags
  41. large safety pins
  42. food *7
  43. water *8
  44. lighting
  45. X bikes
  46. X table
  47. X chairs
  48. X tarps
  49. X  rugs
  50. X couches and  
  51. X cognac
  52. ~~~21 August 2010~~~2 days ~~~hoo hoo!
  53. Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Yacht Club flag
  54. Music: water cooled speakers, amp, iTouch, piano, organ(?), mic, stands, cords, pedals, music: Funeral for a Friend, Under Pressure, Good Bye Blue Skies, Pink Floyd, Janis Joplin, Stevie Winwood, Traveling Wilburys, Ten Thousand Light Years, Memo to Turner, Exile on Main Street,

** =  enough for the campph

**1.  shower(s) could be taken with less than one and a half (1 1/2)  liters of water. A bit to moisture and the rest to rinse after a good lather with Dr Bronner's Lavender. But for those wasteful peeps who haven't crossed Asia Minor in a mini-van, hitched to Tan-Tan Plage or lived in La Guajira or are just plain clueless, two (2) liters should do any body ample without straining the custom evaporator system. I will bring three (3) just in case (`~;

**2. 3-burner cookstove doesn't mean three burners can fit into the 10' ManCave trailer and cook, she fills up quickly. It means that I have a tiny trailer up in the mountains at the peace love joy ranch above BRC waiting to see if she is still in shape. It has a solar swamp cooler, see *3, a small bed, storage and a cookstove. It does need a new propane hose, tanks and perhaps a tire or two after sitting for two years.  Send positive thoughts her way so she can make another trip.

**3. Man Cave has a TurboKool solar powered swamp cooler if all goes well with her. 

**4. You've seen them everywhere,,, hot, cold, bottle on top, small refridge for the halfhalf and honey below. Make coffee tea noodle without the hassle.

*5. Thermal lining material for cargo containers coming from Europe bringing the good grape. It is mylar bubble wrap and if put around a cooler, it will extend the life of a block of ice from one day to 3-5 days. But,,,,,things are slow in the good vino drinking world. There are not enough poor unemployed drinking fine grape, and I have been having a hard time getting these 8 feet wide 20 feet long sections of magic material. I have some for the info roof and some to make cooler wraps, but if someone might call importers in your area to get more they are called thermal cargo liners, mylar bubble wrap, and though they cost mucho EuroCents over there, they are on a one way trip to here so ... the importers want to gift them away from their warehouses. Well worth the effort, seriously.


Welcome viddie, 2005

Welcome 2008

live from center camp

*6 soap, dishes, service, bowls, fry pans, pots, gear,

*7 bacon, dry mangoes, dry trial mix, celery, cream cheese, salmon, chili, bacon, eggs, pita, hummus, olive oil, chili, canned fruit, salt, pepper, lettuce, tomatoes, cup o noodles, halfhalf, honey, tea, coffee, juice, soda, sweets, bacon, chili, 

*8 water from mountains
nine-mile proposal for Seattle, passed into law!